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  I'm really passionate about two things:  Computers and Photography - and I love sharing both with other people.  If you need help with either, then you've definitely come to the right place.
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What I Do

I'm an IT guy and have worked professionally in the field for over 30 years.  I work on computers, all kinds, all sizes.  I focus on repairs and maintenance - the tech stuff - anything from hard drive problems, virus infections, routers, network and internet issues to printer problems.

I'm also a photographer.  I photograph traditional events - weddings, quinceañeras,  senior photos, family photos, parties, etc.  I encourage clients to present their ideas and I work to transfer those ideas into memorable photographs. 


Who I Am

In short, I'm an IT guy and a Photographer.  I've got years of experience with both professions.  I've had my hands on computers since the onset of the personal PC back in the early 1980's.  Mostly self-taught through books, "hands-on" and trial and error, I've worked over 30 years for various companies and organizations , as well as on my own, as an IT professional . 

I photograph people, places and things.  I love doing it. It's been a hobby of mine since childhood.  I'm constantly seeking information on all aspects of photography.  I want to know as much as possible about shutter speed, aperture, film speed (ISO), lighting, lenses - basically everything that falls under the subject of photography.  In today's photography world, it's also essential to have experience, knowledge and understanding of graphic software in order to post-process and fine tune photographs to give the customer photos that stand out.  I have a strong background in computer graphic art and photo manipulation software. 


My Work

These are just a sampling of some of my photos.  I use Flickr as an online platform to display and store my photos.  Fell free to browse my albums.  You might even consider signing up for Flickr.  Flickr has both free and paid memberships.  With a membership you can favorite photos, make comments and many other features.  Regardless, I hope you enjoy my photos!
I'm on Flickr

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